Dating At Work

Bro Thomas Letang

Dating someone at work may become troublesome if one does not know how to handle this bearing in mind that as far possible, work relationships should be professional. The sweet talks and intimate approaches should not be encourage during working hours, but for after.

Regardless as to how strong the attraction may be openly expressing it at work may cause more harm than good. Company’s communication systems (email, telephone, etc.) should not be used to communicate such feelings. Not only can it affect privacy but it could impede productivity.  A simple email or wishing the person a good day is acceptable. 

Opportunities can be taken to meet during your lunch breaks, for example. It should not be too frequently or else it makes you the couple the subject of discussion or gossip. Sexual harassment can be an issue, and if feelings are not mutual the end results can be embarrassment and the destruction of reputation. Initial ‘nice’ talk should be left for appropriate social setting or functions, after working hours. Even at the early stage the gossip may begin.

Once a relationship has started and it is being treated as a serious one some responsible people at the work place would have to be told and assured that everything possible will be done to maintain professionalism at work.

One of the worst things that can be experienced at work between two people dating each other is to deal ‘with a break-up’. Be upfront about the situation. It is not a crime to end a relationship. At work treat each other as if an intimate relationship never existed. Bear in mind that you are being paid to do a job which will involve working as a team with others including your ‘old flame’. That can be difficult but not impossible. That is where maturity comes in.

Professionalism should never be compromised over other things. As much as possible avoid discussing matters relating to you and your intimate personal issues at work. You definitely do not want to be the main topic for discussion at every work station.

Dating at work can become a hot potato. Do not go for it if you cannot handle it. 

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