Your Beloved DPSU by Sister Matilda Popo

DPSU is still around because of its dynamism and resiliency

From its genesis in 1939 it has demonstrated a great sense of stability

It fights for its members’ liberty

Since it is not there for vanity

But to see its members obtain equality and equity

Members stand by your union with pride and dignity


Some may ask what is the union doing?

As an employee what are you putting?

Can you sit still and expect to be obtaining?

While the parasites are receiving,

I say shame because you are deceiving

Stop feeding on the union well-doing

Rather stand strong and start implementing.


Help your union in obtaining its vision

Which is to see its employees achieve their mission

And by extension develop Dominica in great proportion

But it needs your co-operation


Let me remind you that DPSU is Apolitical

Hence is very vocal

More importantly it is analytical

DPSU wants the best for all the nationals

Allow the union to make the resounding call

That will bring benefits to all which will make us tall

Even beyond this hall.




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