Solidarity Messages in celebration of the 9th Biennial Conference


The National Union of Public Workers on behalf of its Executive and entire membership joins you in celebrating yet another important milestone.  It is our believe that your theme  “Accomplishing  and Sustaining National Development through Resilience and an A- Political Public Service” cannot be more appropriate. This also makes provision for all sectors of Union to engage beyond this 9th Biennial Delegation Conference and to commit to the Union’s developmental drive.

We are notably mindful of the struggles presently facing your union and its membership following the damages inflicted by the hurricane Maria, this theme is a personal reminder of your duty and loyalty to your membership as you press to achieve the best quality conditions in such trying times. This also shows  testimony to your strength, responsibility and stability as required.

Your theme shows precedence of the involvement of your membership and their families with favourable opportunities for adequate working and living conditions. Recognizing the need for sustainability is always an excellent approach in the right direction. We hope this conference will be stimulating and thought-provoking.

We at the   National Union of Public Workers  sincerely    wish  you great success and that you will continue to  grow from strength to strength.

Yours in solidarity; yours in unity; one people one region, one movement.

In Solidarity

Akanni Mc Dowall, MPH




My Brothers and Sisters of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), Fraternal Greetings.

It is indeed a pleasure to share my thoughts with you on the occasion of your 9th Biennial Delegates Conference, to be held during the period May 1-7, 2018.The members of the Dominica Public Service Union, can attest to the fact that the theme chosen is appropriate and befitting of the role of the Public Service and more importantly, the role that the Dominica Public Service Union will play going forward.

Your theme “Accomplishing and Sustaining National Development through Resilience, and an A-Political Public Service” is what is required for us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to grapple with building sustainable societies, and now, more than ever, we must rethink and adopt meaningful ways of transforming our countries and our world to be more resilient.

How do we do this? My friends, we must champion the cause, and mobilize through campaigns, we must take action, Public Services are key to national development.

Let us organize ourselves to remain relevant and resilient and recognize that the future of work, the future of the Public Service, lies in our hands.

“We are faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now” ~~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a wonderful and successful Conference.

Sis. Tifonie Powell-Williams

General Secretary



 On this your 79th  year as a Trade Union and on the occasion of your 9th Biennial Delegates Conference the Guyana Public Service Union takes this opportunity to wish you meaningful deliberations and success in your 9th Biennial Delegates Conference. Your theme “Accomplishing and Sustaining National Development through Resilience and an A-Political Public Service’ is an eye opener. If one considers an effective Public Service as the engine of growth and development in any Nation then a Resilient and A-Political Public Service will sustain National Development.

The Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) has with stood the test of time and has seen many changes in the political Administration but still remains a strong Trade Union fighting for the rights of the public employee and developing leaders throughout the public sector. The Guyana Public Service Union recognizes this as no easy feat and salutes the membership of the DPSU for their steadfastness over the years.

May your achievements over the years be the catalyst that fuels the deliberations during the Conference as you plan for the future.

Long live the DPSU.

Long Live the Trade Union Movement

Yours sincerely,

Kemton Alexander




The Grenada Public Workers’ Union salutes the Executive and members of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) on the occasion of your 9th Biennial Delegates Conference from May 1st to 7th 2018.

The Theme Chosen “Accomplishing and Sustaining National Development through Resilience, and an A-Political Public Service” is indeed timely and extremely relevant in today’s challenging environment that is further being shaped by natural disaster.

As trade unions, it is therefore important to position ourselves to influence and be a part of shaping our National Development.  As a result, your theme demonstrates your proactive attitude and determination to get involved in influencing this process through resilience.

We congratulate you as this is the correct approach.  The relevance of the theme demonstrates vision and speaks volumes that you are thinking in the best interest of workers, and positive development, as your country seeks to rebuild.

It is critical and important that the voices of workers are a part of this process to achieve the best results.

Building a Public Service that stands on the tenants of neutrality, working in harmony is critical for transformation

to achieve sustainable development.  Therefore, your ability to affirm and safeguard Labour, as a legal, respected, and valid member of the tri-partite process is significant.

Your theme demonstrates thinking beyond the horizon, and will result in sustainable achievements, with a natural, united Public Service leading the process to bring rewarding benefits to members.  This must be taken on board by your employers as a progressive position for building confidence, motivating and involving all Public Officers to fully participate in achieving the ultimate goal. The GPWU is positive that through this motivating and inspiring theme, the DPSU will vigorously strive to be a strong resilient and positive force in national development.  Being led by a committed, dedicated and passionate team you are poised to transform and achieve the desired outcomes which are strategic and relevant to today’s environment and the future. Therefore, as you explore, create and chart the way forward during this Conference, the Public Workers’ Union feels privileged to be associated with you and be given the honor to wish the President, General Secretary, Executive and all members of the DPSU family, an extremely successful 9th Annual Biennial Conference.  May God continue to bless, protect, guide and keep you.

Rachel Roberts






Dear Comrades and Friends, Sisters and Brothers!

Your conference is taking place at a time that presents challenges as well as opportunities in building and developing resilience in the background of the most acute crisis that our Unions are facing in different corners of the Caribbean. In a desperate bid to survive, the union powers led by the leaders and their members are unleashing in many countries of the world. But winds of change have started to blow over and in light of that the Union needs to stand steady in its fight.

To the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) holding its 9th Biennial Delegates Conference under the theme “Accomplishing and Sustaining National Development through Resilience, and an A-Political Public Service”.

The Public Service Union of Belize (PSU) express our deepest appreciation of and full solidarity with the demanding struggle of the Workers for standing against all odds in today’s challenging time for the Unions. We hope that while working to Accomplishing and Sustaining National Development through Resilience in Dominica, you the Union members will through this process deepen the mutual understanding that is required in making this theme a reality.

The struggle of the working class is very complex in the current situation, in this context, the workers and members of the Dominica Public Service must strengthen their Union to seize the innovative opportunities that coexist with the difficult political, and economic situation in the world where domination intends to destroy and crush the historic gains made by workers over the years.

Only progress in lifting up the collective consciousness of the workers in their levels of organization, inciting them to struggle, guided by the right theory can we overcome this onslaught and turn it into the lever to move forward the process of building that A-Political Public Service.

The future of the Public Service Union movement depends on our possibility to repel the corporate greed, to stand for the human and trade union rights in every country, and to promote the social dimension of unionism.

The joint actions of the trade unions are essential to achieve better future for the workers and their families, who want to live and to work with dignity. I know that united we will win! I know that united as one the Dominica Public Service Union will win!

I wish you a productive and successful 9th Biennial Delegates Conference.

Dareth Cayetano Obermayer

President, PSU



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