Solidarity Rally

Solidarity Rally
Solidarity Rally



The objective of the rally is to bring members and interested members of the general public together for at least two hours to present them with an inspiring experience. That experience, it is hoped, will generate a new collective interest in and appreciation for the work of the DPSU, and our advocacy for good governance. We must face the challenges confronting various members of the union at the work place with an unbreakable and cohesive determination. We are also hoping to stir passion among members for the efforts of the DPSU aimed at defying the threat posed by the powers that be. We shall emphasize that by standing for the causes of each other the DPSU shall prevail; one for all and all for one! Members shall be encouraged to demonstrate their solidarity by participating in May Day and other union activities.

In summary this activity aims to achieve several things:

• Bring together members from the various and diverse work places represented by DPSU, potential members and supporters of the Union
• Assess and evaluate and ponder on our status and mission as the DPSU
• Explain and discuss the necessity for DPSU unity and solidarity as “one body indivisible”
• Listen to our Feature Speaker as he seeks to motivate members and call for unity, solidarity and action and advocate for good governance
• Encourage members to stand and act as One in defense of the cause of all members irrespective of place of work
• Encourage members to participate in the recruitment drive to ensure that all employees are represented by Union
• Get a commitment from all members to participate in May Day activities 2017 and other union activities
• Inspire pride and confidence in the DPSU

Thursday 16TH March, 2017, at 4: 30 – 6:30PM at the DPSU Conference Room

FEATURED SPEAKER: Former Union (CSA) President and Trade Unionist John Alexis Esq.

Note: There will also be entertainment. Members will be afforded the opportunity to present poetry, songs and short messages of solidarity supportive of our theme.

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