Bonus Dwivaye

Greetings to all our members and other public officers.

It is our pleasure to report that the Union has concluded negotiations with the Government of Dominica as at September 5, 2017.

We have agreed to the following:

1) A salary freeze for 2015/2016
2) A one-off payment equivalent to one month’s salary for officers who retired in 2015/2016 and was not contracted
3) A one-off payment equivalent to two month’s salary for other public officers computed at the last salary received by the officer at June 2017
4) 3% salary increase for the fiscal year 2017/2018
5) A grant of $20,000 towards training of public officers
6) A grant of $80,000 towards the Revolving Fund
7) A grant of $236,000 towards the Union’s Medical Fund and Health Insurance

To celebrate our achievement in this negotiation period, the Union has organized an event dubbed “BONUS DWIVAYE” for Friday 29th September, 2017 from 10:00a.m. till…..
We will be having music, eats, drinks and much more at the Dominica Public Service Union Headquarters. It is a family event so everyone is welcome.

DPSU – The Strength of Many, The Power of One!

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