Introduction of DPSU

The Executive, Members and Staff of the DPSU developed this Strategic Plan to provide the Union with a five -year roadmap for support, services and organizational development. The Executive will review progress bi-annually and will review and update the plan annually as needed.

This plan was developed with broad involvement of Executive and members. The Strategic Planning Committee included the General Secretary, the President and the Education Coordinator. This Committee met to reflect on the mission, vision, core operating values and assumptions underlying the organization’s approach to its work. These meetings set the stage for a work session of the Executive during which the organization’s strategic direction was defined. The strategic plan reflects the thoughts, feelings, ideas and wants of the DPSU. These are molded into an integrated document with the organization’s vision, purpose, mission, constitution and bye-laws.

An environmental scan including an internal organization assessment helped the DPSU  evaluate both the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next five years and set the context for the choices reflected in this strategic plan. The plan remains a flexible and practical document that serves as a guide to implementing programmes, evaluating how these programmes are doing, and making adjustments when necessary.  The ultimate result The DPSU aspires to achieve is far beyond high quality representation and services for members. It is about creating a productive and progressive work environment for all.

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